Nature has the habit of whim. Especially in the coffee trees that sprout in the region of Carmo de Minas. It seems that it was the coffee itself that chose the best soil to live.

Because coffee soon felt at home: the rainy summer weather, in contrast to the dry and ideal season for fruit ripening, makes the beans ready to be harvested at the most pleasant temperature.

This is where the sun and the ground light up and the mountains are covered by the color of the trees and crops, making the scenery look like a yellow and red painting. There is no way to get pass by Carmo de Minas and its farms and not be admired.

Not by chance, some of the oldest inhabitants report that the ancestors already believed that the fruit grown there was special. In this context, CarmoCoffees sets up, embraced by more than hundreds of local growers who have the same respect and admiration for coffee, fruit and drink.

The innovation and quality processes that guide the New Flavors Program go beyond.

This is where CarmoCoffees strives to develop new standards and profiles for grains already harvested by partner producers.

And the love for the region is not only in the coffee trees. CarmoCoffees maintains the CriaCarmo social project, offering 200 children from Carmo de Minas, sports and school opportunities.

The direction and synergy of CarmoCoffees professionals with their surroundings and the friendship developed with everyone involved in the coffee growing process, from farms to the final product, make the best coffee in Brazil is produced here. And with it, the best sensations.