Only few people understand the relationship between bees and agriculture. The Brazilian coffee producer in general does not usually consort other activities with coffee. Things usually make no sense when not explained.

75% of economically cultivated species need animal pollination. Beens are the most adapted to this duty.

SMS wants to explain how the connection between bees and agriculture can bring significant benefits. Crops like coffee are not highly bee dependent, so without bees there will still be coffee production, but the thing is that when we put more bees in this system we increase coffee production.

In specialized scientific experiments, with isolated flowers the decrease is 28% compared to natural pollination. Putting hives inside the coffee plots as a productivity boost feature can bring them profitability and quality to their production.

With this, EISA, with Nespresso (AAA) and CarmoCoffees, proposes to its partners the implementation of a project called “BEE SMS AAA DO SUL DE MINAS”, with the objective of diversifying, increasing the income of producers, demonstrating and quantifying the quality and quantity of pollination in coffee plantations.

The project will donate to the coffee producers chosen by the sustainability team hives for raising bees, courses, practical training, PPE for capturing and collecting honey, a machine for processing and the possibility of purchasing the first production.

The bees will be captured in the environment and fed in the hives with syrup for 60 days to adapt and reproduce, or they can be purchased at the producer’s expense. After this period they will be transferred to the other boxes where they will form new castes.

The numbers will be monitored in partnership with researchers to quantify and qualify the difference in pollination in coffee, providing more reliability to the project.

Sustainable Quality Programa
Sustainable Quality Programa