Carbon Neutral

During the last months, our team has been continuously engaged in creating and implementing sustainability projects for our company. Our most important goal is to zero our carbon production and we are very happy to announce that we have offset all the carbon we produced during 2021’ year. 193 tons of carbon equivalent were offset through a partnership with a company that supports projects in the Amazon Rainforest. The carbon credits acquired will be allocated to a project called “The Envira Amazônia Project”, with ‘Verra’ status.

“The Envira Amazônia Project” is a REDD+ project, which means that in addition to the importance of reducing greenhouse gasses emitted, it also acts in a social way by maintaining and increasing forest areas and also improving the quality of life of people involved in the project. Also, we are continuously working on our carbon emission reduction plan, developing strategies to reduce our emissions and have a good impact on the environment.