CriaCarmo project is a philanthropic project focused on the school monitoring, learning and sports practices for children and adolescents between 7 and 17 years old, all from Carmo de Minas region.

At CriaCarmo, young people develop the practice of swimming, futsal, chess and English, combining dynamics that encompass cognitive skills, logical thinking, reasoning, creativity and concentration. Thus, what emerges in the project also reflects within the classroom. CriaCarmo also encourages a spirit of healthy competitiveness and respect for others by participating with its local and regional competition teams.

Backed by social workers, school counseling, family monitoring and specific attention, CriaCarmo’s team reinforces young people’s sense of citizenship, the development of good deeds and values, respect and responsibility, enabling a future of good opportunities.

The good results achieved reinforce the certainty that the project is on the right way.


Coordinator and CoachesR$95.678,57
Social AssistantR$17.940,00
Facilities Rent (Pool, Courts, Structure)R$25.250,00
Sport Materials / UniformsR$10.000,00
Social Activities R$19.800,00
English ClassesR$58.140,00
Safety InsuranceR$4.400,76
TOTAL YEARR$317.228,11

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