More than a program, Direct Trade is a concept that CarmoCoffees believes in and practices. It is allowing direct selling, creating a fraternal bond between producer and consumer, in a relationship that is born of a good coffee and grows in visits to the farm, conversation circles and, of course, great deals.

And who understands coffee more than who produces and consumes? Thus, CarmoCoffees is proud to provide such meetings, so that the conversation deal, made directly, allows prices and conditions that benefit both sides.

And they have other, less tangible advantages. For example, it is rare for a Brazilian producer to know where the very coffee he produces with such love and commitment all year long goes. In Direct Trade, the farmer knows exactly where in the world his coffee is appreciated, in a sense of pride and accomplishment.

He narrow loop also allows for a more practical and assertive negotiation. The partner customer shortens the path to the producer and can negotiate quantity, price and conditions, while the producer becomes a friend and clearly understands the profile sought by the customer, opening even more room for further negotiations.