Fazenda São Benedito

Fazenda São Benedito


Antonio José Vilella


Pedralva, MG


1.000m ~ 1.300m

Farm Area


Coffee Area


Processing Method

Naturals and Pulped Naturals.

Coffee Varieties

Yellow Bourbon, Catuaí, Acaiá and Catucaí.

Acquired by Grupo Sertão in 2003, Fazenda São Benedito is currently equipped with a modern infrastructure with top-notch machines and improvements. It also has a perfect combination of climate and soil factors, with high fertility lands that guarantee the production of fine-bodied coffees, with typical characteristics, such as intense sweetness and medium to high acidity, with a predominance of citric acidity. The main process are Natural and Pulped Natural.
The crops are cultivated in the mountains of the south region of Minas Gerais, a place known for its mineral water sources, perfect combination of latitude and altitude, well defined seasons and highly cultivable lands.
Preserving the environment, the farm believes in the perpetuity of agrobusiness, adds value to the property, increases profitability, improves the quality of life and contributes to the preservation of the planet.
Based on agriculture and livestock, the regional economy, therefore, has the coffee culture responsible for more than half of the jobs created in the region.