Innovation Project

Innovation has always been one of CarmoCoffees’ pillars.

Since it has started to be designed and after its establishment in 2007, CarmoCoffees has always sought to act in an innovational way in the specialty coffee market.

The company’s history is an inspiration since it has changed the whole coffee-producing concept of the region. In the early 2000’s, Brazil still had the reputation of producing only big volumes of coffees and the producers in Carmo de Minas region were struggling to sell the coffees at a fair-trade price.

Driven by the will to value the local product and having a great aspiration to get acknowledged by the quality of the regional coffees, CarmoCoffees has encouraged leading-edge post-harvest processes, the plantation of varieties that perform well on the cupping, and boosted the appreciation of the Brazilian specialty coffees around the world.

In the following years, along with partner farms, we also invested in fermentation processes and obtained consistent results over time, redefining the way that local coffee has been known for.

But the will to offer even more quality promoted other projects.

Recently, CarmoCoffees has established its new warehouse in Três Corações, it has been designed thinking about the specialty coffee’s future. Learn more here.

The company has also strongly invested in sustainability projects and it counts on an innovation team to explore improvement processes and ongoing projects.

Innovation is on the way. Stay tuned.