Fazenda Água Limpa


Robson Vilela


Cristina, MG



Farm Area


Coffee Area


Processing Methods

Pulped naturals, Naturals, Washed, Honey.

Coffee Varieties

Red Bourbon, Red Catucaí and Yellow Catucaí.

The Água Limpa farm is one of the pioneers in specialty coffees in the region. It was acquired by producer Robson Vilela, who also owned the Alta Vista farm about 12 years ago, but even before that, the farm already had a history of award prizes in competitions and a specialty coffee of recognized quality.

Adding the quality provided by the grains and terrain, favorable to the cultivation of coffee, and the knowledge of Robson, the farm has offered coffees of ever higher quality.

Robson is a coffee worker. He lives for the farms and for the study of processes and quality.
But this story is nothing like most of the region’s farmers. Robson was a dentist and it was only in the year 2000 that he began his history in the production of coffees. He first acquired Alta Vista Farm and over time was expanding his production. Gradually, he began to understand more of the processes, the deal with the coffee and soon became known for the great quality of the coffees offered.

The Relationship With Employees
The farm has few employees so that all processes (from planting to harvesting) are done in the most artisanal way possible, treating the coffee with all the care needed.
Robson’s goal has always been to establish a relationship of clarity, trust, and especially friendship with his employees. The result of this differentiated treatment was the creation of a superefficient work force that joined the excellent processes developed, generating a high quality production that became the soul and identity of his farms.