Fazenda Alta Gracia


Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira


Carmo de Minas, MG



Farm Area


Coffee Area


Processing Methods

Natural, Natural Descascado e Fermentado.

Coffee Varieties

Catuaí Amarelo, Catucaí Amarelo, Acaia e Bourbon Amarelo.
Other Farm Products
Bananas, Milho e Soja.

Alta Gracia is an area that was exclusively selected at one of the highest points of Fazenda IP, in Carmo de Minas, for the production of very fine coffees. The production of Alta Gracia is composed of Yellow Bourbon and Red Bourbon, and after the cherries maturation they made a special manual selection of the best ones. The cherries are cultivated at 1300 meters above the sea level in a clay soil – red latosol, and processed in four ways: natural, pulped natural, fully washed and African bed. The average annual rainfall is 1320 mm. The flowering happens between October and November.

IP History
It all started in 1967, when Isidro Pereira, Luiz Paulo’s father, bought the farm. At that time, Luiz was still studying his degree in agriculture and livestock production. Five years later, father and son joined forces to manage the property together. In 1974, at the will of Luiz Paulo, an expansion plan took place at Fazenda IP. More and more coffee seedlings were being planted as the farm area increased. Decades later, he bought his first pulping machine and began studying new methods of coffee processing and specialty coffee production.
To encourage quality and care in post-harvest processes, Luiz implemented a bonus payment policy as a motivation for all employees involved in the process.