Fazenda Alta Vista


Robson Vilela


Cristina, MG


1100m ~ 1300m

Farm Area


Coffee Area


Processing Methods

Natural, Fermentado (aeróbico e anaeróbico) e Honey

Rainforest Alliance

Coffee Varieties

Catucaí Amarelo, Bourbon Amarelo e Arara
Other Farm Products
Bananas e Macadâmias

This story begins in 2001 when Robson Vilela bought the property.

The first coffee trees were planted in 2004, and in three years the first crop came. At that time, Robson did not have the infrastructure to prepare his coffee. Shortly thereafter, he found another property ready to be used as a beneficent plant for his grains near the first area.

Facing all the challenges that the beginning of a new job involves, his venture was successful. He sent samples of his first crop for the 2007 Cup of Excellence, in which he was a finalist and finished in the seventh place.

One of the differentials of the farm is the maintenance of the employees for a long period of time. With a much smaller team compared to other properties in the region, Robson offers the best working conditions possible. Its goal is to establish the best relationship and trust among employees. Today the turnover of employees on the farm almost does not exist, directly influencing the quality and efficiency of the production processes. These measures resulted in a more efficient workforce, which merged with the quality processes and builds body and soul of Alta Vista farm.

The increased quality and investments made in structure and equipment resulted in samples of better price and higher volume produced.

Bananas: Bananas, consorted with coffee trees, are good for increasing shade in the field and the amount of organic matter, as well as diversifying property income and providing food to employees.

On plans for the future Robson is decided: “Increase the coffee processing area to get even better coffees in the next few years.”