Fazenda Capim Seco


Rafael Dias Pereira


Carmo de Minas


1.100m ~ 1.300m

Farm Area


Coffee Area


Processing Methods

Naturals and Pulped Naturals.

Coffee Varieties

Yellow Bourbon, Acaiá, Icatu and Yellow Catuaí.

Other Farm Products

Rafael is a very passionate man. He has always had 3 passions: his family, horses and Specialty Coffee. Professionally, it all started 12 years ago, when he started running his horse-breeding farm where he creates only animals from the typical Brazilian Mangalarga Marchador breed, much appreciated by horse racing fans.
Within the success of this activity, he decided to invest into another passion, which he shares with almost the whole family: Specialty Coffee growing. So, he decided to buy a small property near to the other farms that his brother, mother, aunt and uncle’s farms.

The Harvesting
Rafael’s first harvest came in 2007 and he got a good rating on his coffee, keeping up with the familiar tradition of producing fine beans. Since then, he keeps investing on the amount he produces and counting on the support of a familiar structure to process his coffee: Fazenda Irmãs Pereira, his mother and aunt’s farm.
There he’s able to dry the beans in African beds or in a perfectly built patio and process both natural and pulped naturals, as well as some innovative methods like Sweet Shower, Black Honey and Double-pass.

The future
“Coffee is what makes my family stay very tightly bonded up, since the past until these days. To honor it, we must always have in mind to keep working in the production of the finest coffees. That’s my goal: put the soul of an entire family into a cup of specialty coffee.”