Fazenda Santa Inês


Pereira Family


Carmo de Minas, MG


900m ~ 1.050m

Farm Area


Coffee Area


Processing Methods

Naturals, Pulped Naturals.

Coffee Varieties

Red Bourbon, Yellow Bourbon, Acaiá, Catuaí and Catucaí.

Other Farm Products

Bananas, Corn and Soy.
Farm history
Acquired by the Sertão Group in 1979 already with crops, was begun planting new crops, and which were also built new concrete terraces, washer, dryer and processing. Also dedicated to livestock in Girolando cattle. It is located in the south Minas Gerais on the ridge of Mantiqueira Mountain in the city of Carmo de Minas, at 3 km from the city of Olimpio de Noronha – MG 25 km Carmo de Minas.

Harvesting and processing of coffee
Due to the topography of the harvest was always manual and made the cloth so that the coffee does not lose quality and are taken as they are harvested for Sertão Farm also their property, where they are washed, peeled and scattered to obtain a product high quality. Then go to dryer, then to bins of rest, return to drier and 10.5% moisture bins go outright for 30 days to rest and are finally processed and then deposited in the Cooperative which will be the definitive classification standard.

Concern for the environment
There is a great concern of the Sertão Group with preserving the environment so we preserve large amount of native forest and all the springs as well as streams are preserved their riparian forests.

Social area
Reside in the Santa Inês Farm 35 registered employees and about 80 people to the total where 13 families live in houses built by the farm with all infrastructure such as water, electricity, sewage system, and the rest of the families residing in the Olimpio de Noronha City that is 3 km from the farm. All families receive beyond their salaries, milk, coffee, drugs, etc. Employees’ children who are studying have a bus line in several times passing through the door of the Treasury and the lead up to the school at no charge.