Fazenda São Pedro (Araras)


Robson Vilela


Cristina, MG


1000 meters above the sea

Farm Area


Coffee Area


Processing Methods

Natural, Pulped Natural, Washed and Honey.

Coffee Varieties

Arara and Yellow Bourbon
Other Farm Products

Robson bought his first farm in 2001. At the time, he was still a dentist, but he left the city to live in the fields. The first seedlings came, in 2004 the first harvest. At that time, Robson had no infrastructure to prepare his coffee, but boldly he soon acquired another piece of land to start benefiting his coffee.

Facing all the challenges that the beginning of a new job involves, he soon managed to stand out, result of a great passion for coffee and the desire to study and learn. In 2007, he sent samples of his first harvest to “Cup of Excellence” in which he was a finalist and finished seventh.

Step by step, he grew and acquired more land. One of the most recent areas is Fazenda São Pedro, where he invested in planting the Arara variety, which has shown great results in cupping.

Robson believes in long-term employee retention. Its objective is to establish the best relationship and trust among employees. Today, employee turnover on the farm is almost non-existent, directly influencing the quality and efficiency of production processes.

Robson is always traveling to learn more. He recently visited Central American countries to learn more about post-harvest processes.