Sítio Boa Vista


Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Filho


Carmo de Minas, MG


1.280m ~ 1.400m

Farm Area


Coffee Area


Processing Methods

Naturals, Pulped Naturals and New Flavors Project.

Coffee Varieties

Red Bourbon and Yellow Bourbon.

Other Farm Products


The history of Fazenda Boa Vista as a coffee producing farm starts in 1976, when Mr.Antônio Andrade Pereira Filho decided to expand the area of the farm he was managing with success: Fazenda do Serrado (actual Fazenda Irmãs Pereira). He made an offer to his neighbor, who breeded dairy livestock in the desired area, a plot named “Boa Vista”, which means “good view” in English, due to its elevation which allows the farm to have a privileged location above the hills nearby. The neighbor, an old man already tired of the exhaustive work accepted the offer and then Fazenda Boa Vista became part of a bigger project, inside the Fazenda do Serrado. Year after year, Mr. Antônio got more and more successful in his business, becmoning a model for other farmers in the region. The Second Generation Since childhood, Maria Valeria and Maria Rogéria – the 2 daughters of Mr.Antônio Pereira – liked to follow their dad steps. They found real pleasure in giving the father a helping hand in the farm as some kind of a role-playing children game in the beginning and for real after they’ve reached a propper age to start working. Decades later, in 2002, the first Specialty Coffee wave came to hit Carmo de Minas and both Maria Valeria and Maria Rogéria were already managers of the farm after their dad retired from his activities – which took place in 1996. They used their background and to become 2 of the first farmers in the area to change the mindset and start working with the quality as a goal.
Things started getting even better when CarmoCoffees was created by the cousins Jacques Pereira Carneiro and Luiz Paulo Dias Pereira Filho. Luiz Paulo happens to be Maria Rogéria’s son. The focus on quality was giving year after year better results for the family.Luiz, representing an even newer way of thinking started to run some successful experiences with Irmãs Pereira production since 2014 and this was one of the factors that his mother took into account when she started thinking about her retirment and decided to give a particular piece of land as a reward to Luiz Paulo’s effort. This area happens to be the Boa Vista section, now renamed as Fazenda Boa Vista. Luiz takes intense care of everything in that area, counting on

The future
“Producing coffee with focus on a sustainable workmodel has to part of the routine of any farmer nowadays in Brazil. We must be responsible for what effects our acts will bring to the environment or the social tissue that exist around our farms. Having that in mind, we’ll be able to offer coffees with more than just a good score to the most demanding clients worldwide. That’s the key to success.”