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Lambari, MG

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Silvanei started on coffee business very early in his life. Like many sons of small growers, he had to help his father run the tasks. But in his case, things began really soon, when he was only 7 years old. With the long-term interaction with the patriarch, Silvanei learned a lot about what would become his main source of income.

At the age of 23, Silvanei met his lifetime partner, with whom he had a daughter, Danielle. His wife is also a work partner who is in charge of many tasks of the farm. Together, they both are teaching their child to love the farm as the structure that makes their reasonable lifestyle possible.

Silvanei always lived in Sítio Cocho Velho, and everything he conquered in his life was provided by the income he or his father had from the farming income. His work at the farm is a constant, as well as his wife’s help. During the harvest period, he counts on the aid of safristas (people who work freelance for coffee farms during harvest). There’s also a “meeiro”, a person who works on a part of the land and splits the income with Silvanei.

At Sítio Cocho Velho, the harvest is partially mechanized, and the beans go straight to the patio after being picked and evenly widespread for a uniform drying. Silvanei counts als on CarmoCoffees “Beneficios” structure for achieving the best he can for the quality of his beans. ‘Our main challenge is in manpower, there will be a change in the characteristic of our coffee region due to this factor. And we need to be prepared for this moment.’