Sítio Pedra Batista


Carlos Renato Braga


Pedralva, MG


1150 meters above the sea

Farm Area


Coffee Area

Processing Methods
Naturals and Natural Fermented.

Coffee Varieties

Yellow Catucai, Yellow Catuai, Yellow Bourbon

The history of the farm is very familiar, and this is very proud of Mr. Renato Braga. It was acquired by the great-great-grandfather of the family in the year 1940. Then it was passed to the great-grandfather of the family, grandfather, the mother of Carlos Renato and the current owner. The cultures that existed in the past were tobacco, beans and corn, until the great-grandfathers and their sons had the idea of growing coffee, the first cultivation for approximately 45 years. We do not have an employee, who works on the farm is the family.

Renato after passing the army for 3 years decided to go home and work on the property. After a bet on non-specialty coffees, the result did not come, therefore, the prices were not consistent with the reality of the property, returning then their attention. The special coffees were part of the childhood of Carlos Renato, who through his grandfather heard stories of the ” myth ”. His grandfather through research, knowledge gained through friends producers began the process with specialty coffees. In the following years, Carlos Renato with the experience gained managed to make a third coffee placed in his first contest.

CarmoCoffees Union
Through the unit installed in Pedralva, Carlos Renato saw himself with the opportunity to market and be in contact with all the necessary techniques for the cultivation of an excellent coffee. From there, he also learned about contests and awards for those who cultivate excellence.

What does the coffee for Carlos Renato mean?
It’s all for your family and for yourself. The dependence of this culture makes cultivation even more exciting and exciting because it is through it that you can buy medicines, clothes, food and perform the repair of the property.

Plans for the future
Carlos intends to continue farming by investing more and more in the crops, always thinking and developing the partnership with CarmoCoffees, which is a company that believed in his work and gave him even more confidence.