Sítio Tarumã


Eduardo Daniel da Silva


Cristina, MG


1300 – 1340 meters above the sea

Farm Area


Coffee Area


Processing Methods


Coffee Varieties

Yellow Bourbon

Eduardo Daniel is only twenty years old, but he is part of the third generation that produces coffee in his family. He grew up on the farm and today he is the owner of the Sítio Tarumã, which is close to other farms in his family, already known in the region for the quality and care of the coffee produced.

The history of the Sítio Tarumã began with the family’s desire to produce coffees in higher regions. Working with specialty coffees not long ago, they had no doubt when the opportunity arose to buy these lands. Eduardo, and the whole family, strongly believe in the potential of producing specialty coffees and has invested heavily in the care during the processes of harvesting and processing of the coffees.

The average annual harvest on the farm is 120 bags of specialty coffees, a number that Eduardo Daniel expects will increase with investments being made in the quality of coffee. The harvest is done manually, made only by the family. The site now has suspended terrariums, greenhouses and are investing in equipment to benefit coffee on the farm.

In addition, they also have roasters and cupping rooms, and one of the brothers has taken a Q-grader course to ensure the quality of each sample that leaves the farm. For the next few years, they want to invest in more structure and equipment that can improve the quality of the coffee in the cup, like machines to benefit coffee on the farm itself.