It’s hard to find someone who doesn’t like good coffee. The olfactory memory aroused by the singular smell of the drink brings the most pleasant memories and sensations, and a warm coffee soon soothes the mouth and the heart.

The mixture of color, warmth and aroma is a mark on people’s lives. It is with this feeling and the understanding of unity and excellence that the CarmoCoffees team works.

Like coffee, the soil needs to be well prepared to bear fruit. Harvesting needs love and technique, so the transportation is done with cautious care, and so on, everyone dedicates their best until the coffee comes to the table with their unique taste.

Selection Team

Producers are always welcomed at CarmoCoffees with a warm coffee and a team trained to offer their best. Each sample is brought from the harvest, with the affection and respect that the producer has for his grains. Our team takes care of the analysis of these samples, always with transparency and care to ensure that we do not miss any chance to select the best coffees in the region.

Quality Team

The name is itself a compromise, and CarmoCoffees knows the importance of ensuring quality throughout the production chain. The details are what make everyone’s effort to deliver an unforgettable coffee. The team is proud to keep the track of each cup so that our partners always receive what they are looking for: the coffees of their dreams.

Commercial Team

The coffees produced here travel the world. And to get them there, it requires a team that knows the history of each grain. They are called Coffee Chefs: Just like the original French “chefs de cuisine” who are responsible for selecting each ingredient of the food, they are responsible for each one of the coffees that reach the cup.


Making coffee that has been harvested on the farm reach the cup of consumers around the world is not an easy task. Many people are involved in this process and each one needs to be aware that the coffee bean is special. Special for its history, special for the effort of each producer and also for the commitment to each partner around the world.

Administrative Team

For CarmoCoffees to be able to think only about coffee, a pulsating sector is needed managing human resources, taking care of people and their commitments. Each sector needs to be in line and the team work done by this team is primordial

Organization Team

Just as plants need sun and nutrients to flourish, a company needs a support team to function well. And walking along with all other sectors of CarmoCoffes, knowing the directions of each curve within the route of the cafes and staff, is very important.