In the distant year 1737, amidst the mountains of southern Minas Gerais, an expedition of the Portuguese crown arrived in the region where today is the municipality of Pedralva. At the time, the mines that cut through the province exalted the historical value of the place. What few knew was that it was already there, above ground and not below, the richness that still fills the region with pride and meaning.

The coffee that sprouts in Pedralva has nuances of smell and aroma that can cause unique sensations. It is in this fragrant setting that is the CarmoCoffees beneficiation center. Although very close to Carmo de Minas, Pedralva has its peculiarities and is the base for the production of priceless coffees.

While nature is generous, there is a lot of hard work and dedication involved in making the beans of the best coffees. CarmoCoffees has quality specialists working hard to get the best out of every fruit.

And the results obtained ratify, year by year, the work that has been done. And it is in this soil that springs some of the most important and special coffees produced in Brazil.

The knowledge gained and enhanced, in a joint effort with experts from other parts of the world, combining pioneering, testing and search for technologies, make the process of coffee processing a valuable experience.

The investment in structure is unique in Brazil: with suspended yards, shelters in UV protection screens, patios, dryers and state-of-the-art machinery. It is the modern and the traditional hand in hand, accompanied by attentive conductors to every detail, all united by the best coffee.