Unfortunately, waste management is not valued in most of the global south countries, and Brazil is one of them.

You will usually find people just leaving the trash outside, without any division of recyclable or organic materials. But we are trying to change this way of life.

At least 400 thousand Brazilian families survive by waste management and picking. At São Lourenço – a small town beside Carmo de Minas – around 15 families depends directly on recycling, with a very low income.

In a partnership with the cooperative “Amigos do Meio Ambiente “ – Friends of the Environment, which is a waste management organization in São Lourenço, all the recyclable material from our offices will be directed towards their work.

Also, as we export most of our recyclable material (such as boxes, sample packaging, and others) we will compensate them for every Kg of waste exported. As an example: If we’ve used 100kg of recyclable material in a month, we will compensate them for all of this, impacting directly on these families’ lives with an extra income.